Are you a high school student searching for the perfect major? A university student eager to break into your dream career? Or a professional looking to pivot or advance? Let us guide you to your ideal path.

You will receive a comprehensive, personalized career report designed to guide you on your professional journey. Check the dedicated page for more info.

We work for the candidate, not the recruiter! Our platform stands out in the career guidance landscape by harnessing the power of AI, combining personalized text submissions, and utilizing the Myers-Briggs personality test to deliver an unparalleled level of personalization and accuracy in career matching. Our advanced AI algorithms process vast amounts of data to identify patterns ad correlations, enabling us to provide highly tailored career recommendations.

By allowing users to submit a detailed text that includes your passions, dreams, experiences and career stage, we can gain a deeper understanding of your unique aspirations and motivations. Our AI model then analyzes the language used in the text, uncovering subconscious desires and preferences that may not be evident through traditional assessments.

The widely recognized Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) plays a crucial role in our platform. By factoring in your MBTI results, our AI model can better understand your personality traits and preferences, leading to more accurate and fulfilling career matches. You can easily add your personality type (e.g.ENTJ/A).

You can take your personality test here.

You can proceed with the test even without knowing your personality type, although highly recommended to have. You can add traits of your personality in the personalized submitted text. 

Here’s how:

Identify Key Traits: Think about the characteristics that define you. Are you creative, analytical, introverted, or extroverted?

Use Descriptive Sentences: Be specific in your descriptions. Instead of just saying “I’m outgoing,” you could say “I thrive in social settings and enjoy networking.”

Give Examples: Where possible, include brief examples that demonstrate your traits. For instance, “I love problem-solving; I once streamlined our project workflow, reducing delays by 20%.”

Be Honest and Balanced: Don’t hesitate to include areas where you feel you could improve. This can help us provide a more rounded recommendation.


  • “I consider myself an analytical thinker, often breaking down complex issues to solve problems. I also enjoy group work and team collaboration.”

  • “I’m an extrovert who loves to be the center of attention. I excel in roles that allow me to interact with people, like customer service or sales.”

  • “Creativity is my strongest trait. I’m constantly seeking new ways to express myself, be it through art, writing, or any other medium.”

  • “I’m quite introverted and prefer roles where I can work independently. I thrive in structured environments where I have clear guidelines.”

By providing these details, you allow our algorithm to get a clearer picture of who you are, resulting in more accurate and personalized career recommendations.

We love to be transparent with our users! The small fee for our reports ensures we can provide you with premier insights, stringent data protection, and a top-notch user experience. Here the main reasons:

  • Quality over quantity: We invest heavily in research, data analysis, and ongoing enhancement of our prompts. This ensures that every report you receive is of the highest quality and provides personalized career advice.

  • Algorithmic excellence: We use advanced algorithms that demand significant computational resources and regular updating. Your fee supports the maintenance and continuous improvement of these algorithms.